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This program on SAP FICO focuses on critical and core modules of SAP namely- Finance (FI) and Controlling (CO). FICO is one of the most sought after module among the professionals who would like to make their careers as consultant in Financial Accounting (FI) and Managerial Accounting (CO).This course is crafted to cover related technical modules of SAP after in-depth analysis and covers how FICO Module ensures real-time and correct reporting of data through deep incorporation between GL (General Ledger), AP (Accounts Payable), AR (Accounts Receivable), and AA (Asset Accounts).

Above said real-time feature of FI modules helps managers to review the current position of company in terms of finance and let them make better decisions and thoughtful strategies. This FI Module is tightly incorporated with various other modules of SAP such as Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance, Project Systems, Materials management, Production Planning, Human Resources etc. This course will cover details on topics related to General Ledger Accounting, AR, AP and Organizational units. This program is a complete package to ascertain that you get to imbibe in yourself, all important skills to take up SAP BI training relates roles in any organization.

Why Choose Us?

Our instructors are highly skilled with industry experience of XXX years, working in best of organizations. Our Trainers follow a flexible teaching approach which helps to adjust the training schedule as per the students. They may include direct 1-1 discussions, group discussions, Q&A rounds etc. Foremost priority of the trainers is to ensure that the concepts are easily understood by the students. The other benefits that one would receive along with a professional approach include:

• Offer highly competitive course prices

• Awarded a Certificate of completion on the successful completion of course

• We are centrally located and have good access from all corners of London

• Offer instructor led training with round the clock lab access

• Take up small group sizes which ensure that the trainee instructor ratio is manageable and the one on one relation is set resulting in better clarity of doubts.

Target Audience:

The course best suits those having understanding of financial accounting and seeking to make their careers as FI Consultants. The course covers all the concepts from basics to advance level, so trainees can use it to enhance their knowledge in this domain. So this program is good for:

• CA and ICWA Students wanting to make their careers in this stream

• Finance Students and Finance Managers

• Accountants and Managers

• Finance Controllers

• SAP FI Consultants

• Finance Professionals


SAP BI training course is a comprehensive program based upon latest and the best practices followed all over world to use SAP for financial accounting and controlling. The course will cover the following areas in ABAP concepts.

General Ledger Accounting

• General Ledger Master

• General Ledger Postings

• General Ledger Parking and postings

• Reversals

• Automatic Clearing

• Recurring Entries

• Taxes

• General Ledger Reports

Cash and Bank Accounting

• Cash Journals

• Cheque Management

• House bank Masters

• Bank Reconciliations

Accounts Payable

• Vendor Master

• Vendor Invoice Posting

• Vendor Credit Memo

• Vendor Down Payment

• Vendor Down Payment Clearing

• Vendor Outgoing payment

• Partial payment against an invoice

• Residual Payment

• Automatic Payment Run

• Withholding Tax (TDS)

• Vendor Reports

Accounts Receivable

• Customer Master

• Customer Invoice Posting

• Customer Credit Memo

• Customer Down Payment

• Customer Down Payment Clearing

• Customer Incoming Payment

• Partial payment against an invoice

• Residual Payment

• Customer Reports

Asset Accounting

• Asset Master

• Asset Procurement (Direct)

• Asset Procurement (through MM)

• Asset Retirements

• Asset Scrapping

• Depreciation Run

SAP FI Consultant Level

• Define a Company

• Define a Company Code

• Assign Company Code to Company

• Define Chart of Accounts

• Assign Company Code to Chart of Accounts

• Setup Account Groups and their Number Ranges

• Assign Fiscal Year Variant to Company Code

• Assign Posting Period Variant to Company Code

• Document Number Ranges for the Company Code

• Assign Field Status Variant to Company Code

• Define Employee Tolerance

• Define Retained Earnings Account

• Document types

• Posting Keys

• Validation and substitution

• General Ledger Account Introduction

• Reconciliation Accounts

• Expense and Revenue GL Accounts

• Account Assignment Model

• Setup tolerance for customers and vendors

• Customer Account Groups

• Create number ranges for customer accounts

• Assign number ranges to customer groups

• Customer Master Record

• Create Vendor Groups

• Create number ranges for vendor accounts

• Assign number ranges to vendor groups.

• Create Vendor Master

• Create underpayment account and Over payment accounts

• Create cash discount account

• Payment within tolerance (incoming)

• Payment within tolerance (outgoing)

• Configure Automatic Payment Program

• Financial Statement Version

• Cash Journals

• House Bank Configuration

• Check Management

• Manual Bank Reconciliation

• Asset Masters

• Asset Number Ranges

• Depreciation Areas

• Asset General Ledger Account Determination

• Depreciation Keys

• NEW GL and Document Splitting concepts

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Prepare yourself or your team to handle the challenges of SAP FICO. It covers end user to consultant level training to equip you to handle the related challenges. You can choose a course that best suits your requirements from the below mentioned list of events .